Surfrider Leadership Academy

2016 Surfrider Leadership Academy Participants

2016 Surfrider Leadership Academy Participants


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Surfrider Leadership Academy Nomination Form

Surfrider Leadership Academy Application Form

The 2017 Surfrider Leadership Academy is officially accepting nominations. Nominations must be completed by July 27th.

Effective leadership today is about who can mobilize a network to act. This requires leaders to tap into a deep sense of self-awareness, as well as understanding how to effectively network and build the larger movement. This leadership program will facilitate a cohort of coastal leaders to develop self-awareness of themselves as leaders, as well as networking and movement building skills through immersive, in-person retreats and virtual training sessions.

The program is designed to develop strong bonds among cohort members as well as provide time and space for reflection and learning through three retreats and three virtual trainings, including a final session to share outcomes. Along with developing specific skills, the program will also tap into participants’ experiences to facilitate sharing of best practices learned through working in respective industries, coastal areas, and communities.

Over the course of six months, participants will work with their cohort to develop essential skills, build deep relationships, and better understand the power of today’s collective leadership.


To be considered for selection, candidates must be nominated to or apply for the program. All candidates must be able to participate in 100% of in-person and virtual program activities. The qualifications for candidates are:

1.     Either an emerging or experienced leader with:

a.     A track record of leadership and/or community service

b.     A dedication to conservation of coastal resources

2.     Demonstrated interest in and commitment to the Washington coast

3.     Ability to participate in all in-person and virtual activities over the six months


• Experienced leaders

• Hard skills training

• Mentorship for emerging leaders

• Retreat experience, including reflection and restoration

• Emerging leaders

• Hard skills training

• Resume building via exclusive program

• Networking with community leaders



Please contact Casey Dennehy at