Economic Dashboard

Population Change

Population growth is generally an indication of a healthy and prosperous economy. It can indicate that a region is desirable and is attracting people to live there. It also provides economic opportunities for new and existing businesses. However, growth is not a panacea, and can bring with it additional concerns and strain existing resources. Click or hover on the Population Change Map below to zoom in and get more detailed information.

The unemployment map displays the 5-year unemployment rate for those sixteen years of age and older. This map uses long-term data that should only be used to identify areas of chronically higher unemployment. For the most recent unemployment rate, visit the BLS website directly. Click or hover on the Unemployment Map to zoom in and get more detailed information.

Monthly unemployment allow visibility of seasonal trends in employment. Select county(ies) and year(s) of interest to assess trends over geography and time to make comparisons.

This chart shows employment change by number of jobs in aggregated industries from 2010 to 2016. This information can be used to see general trends in employment by industry across regions. For more detailed information about a specific industry please contact me directly.


The income map provides information on a region’s level of prosperity and can highlight income distribution and inequality. The map does not consider cost of living, taxes, or transfer payments