How to find meteorites
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How to find meteorites

How to Find Meteorite Falls with a Laptop Computer and a Desk:

Scientific Exploration in the Age of Open Data

Presented by: Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, Grays Harbor County Marine Resource Committee, and Grays Harbor College

This talk, by Dr. Marc D. Fries, Cosmic Dust Curator at NASA Johnson Space Center, will discuss meteorite falls – why they are scientifically important, how they occur, and where and when they happen. The talk will also feature the recent (07 March 2018) very large meteorite fall into the waters of Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary off Washington's Pacific coast and the Ocean Exploration Trust expedition that plans to
search for meteorites on the seafloor using sophisticated underwater robots. Were any meteorites recovered? Find out at the talk!

Grays Harbor College
Schermer Building Room 4134
Thursday, July 5, 2018
10:00AM - 11:00AM

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Webinar: Public Speaking Skills

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Join us for a webinar on best practices for your next public presentation. Resource Media will take lessons learned from a popular TED talk and distill them into how MRC members can help make their ideas stick in presentations that hold people's attention from start to finish. You'll also get a handout afterwards with tips and tricks for making a PowerPoint presentation that will sizzle, not fizzle! The presentation on presentations will include practical tips on public speaking delivery skills. Please note that - given the webinar format - we will not be able to put our new skills into practice, but Liz Banse from Resource Media would be happy to work with you on your public speaking opportunities as they come up later in 2017!

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