The Income Index map provides information on a region’s level of prosperity and can highlight inequality in income growth. Erratic growth, no-­growth, or long-­term decline in this indicator is generally an indication of a struggling economy.


The Median Income Table and Median Income Chart provide income for each region over time. The table is expandable to include each census tract and by selecting a county or tract it will filter the Median Income Chart.

The map below is an income index map. The index basis allows direct comparison between regions. Changes in the value of the index can be interpreted as growth or decline from the base year(2010), and by examining the index over a period of time, you can establish the relative stability of income. The income values do not consider cost of living, taxes, or transfer payments. The index base year is 2010, and in that year all index values are equal to 100. An index value of 120 indicates that median income has increased by 20% (120 - 100) in that region.

Questions to ask the data…

  • Which regions have experienced income decline or growth? How might this determine where you locate services?

  • How does median income change compare to other regions? Why might this disparity exist?