The following resources provide information, data, and tools for Washington's coastal economy and its resilience to coastal hazards.


Washington Sea Grant

WSG is dedicated to improving the translation of research and scientific information into knowledge for use in the marine environment. WSG serves communities, businesses, managers and the people of Washington state, the Pacific Northwest and the nation by:

  • identifying and addressing important marine issues;
  • providing better tools for management of the marine environment and use of its resources; and
  • initiating and supporting strategic partnerships within the marine community.

Through research, outreach, education and communication, WSG helps sustain economic development while encouraging ecosystem-based approaches to management of Washington’s ocean and coasts.

ENOW Explorer

This tool streamlines the task of obtaining and comparing economic data, both county and national, for the six sectors dependent on the ocean and Great Lakes: living resources, marine construction, marine transportation, offshore mineral resources, ship and boat building, and tourism and recreation.

National Ocean Economics Program

The National Ocean Economics Program (NOEP) provides a full range of the most current policy-relevant economic and demographic information available on changes and trends along the U.S. coast, Great Lakes, and coastal waters.

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FISHeries Economics Explorer (FISHEyE)

The Fisheries Economic Explorer (FISHEyE) is an interactive tool to explore, analyze, and download economic data for the West Coast Groundfish Trawl Catch Share Program.

With FISHEyE, you can explore economic data collected by the Northwest Fisheries Science Center's (NWFSC) Economic Data Collection Program (EDC) and customize economic analyses of the fishery based on topics of interest, such as species, vessel type, homeport, and several economic measures. You can generate custom graphs and download selected datasets for this diverse fleet.